Information for Parents about End of Year Expectations

End of Year Expectations for all Levels

Below are links that explain the end of year expectations for the level your child is working at:

End of Year Expectations for Maths

For practical examples of the Maths students have to know see the IXL Maths National Standards.

End of Year Expectations for Reading and Writing

For practical examples of the Literacy skills students have to know, see the IXL English National Standards.

Supporting Students at Home

The Ministry of Education has a section on their web page aimed at informing parents about learning expectations and gives advice on how parents can help at home.

The parent section for end of year expectations can be accessed here.

A pdf from the Ministry with lots of information about end of year expectations and what parent’s can do at home to support their child’s learning can be downloaded here.


The National Standards documents can be downloaded as pdfs:

Reading and Writing Standards

Maths Standards